Auditions for Neil Simon’s “The Sunshine Boys” will be held on July 29 & 30 at the East Hampton Public Library.

Sunday auditions will run from 2:00-4:00pm, with Monday evening auditions from 7:00-9:00pm.

The following roles are available:

Ben Silverman (Lead): Male, 30-45
Willie’s nephew and agent; Ben cares very much for his uncle and really looks up to him; he tries to find work for Willie, but Willie’s age and personality make this a very difficult task; a practical, hardworking family man, Ben really didn’t inherit any of his uncle’s sense of comedy.

ETHNICITY: Caucasian

Eddie (Supporting): Male, 21-30
a young production assistant; everything rolls down onto Eddie’s shoulders, and he’s carrying a great weight trying to get this production ready for broadcast.

ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Patient (Supporting): Male, 30-50
an actor playing the role of a patient for the TV broadcast; overacting a bit, he often comes across as a hypochondriac.

ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Burlesque Nurse (Supporting): Female, 20-45
another character for the TV show; this character’s purpose is to be the object of lewd sexual jokes; she should be blonde and curvy.

ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Registered Nurse (Supporting): Female, 35-55
a mature and practical woman who enjoys her time caring for Willie; she seems to be the only person who breaks through his crusty exterior.

ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

You may fill out a form in advance here, or at the audition. We look forward to seeing you!

Audition Form

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    All Podium Members and Performers are expected to assist with the group's activities. What areas are you most interested in helping with?
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  • Previous shows, companies, and roles you have performed. If none, please type "none".
  • Drop files here or
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