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Bruce Bogtrotter Chocolate Ganache Cake


8″ Chocolate Ganache Cake from Little Man Sweets of East Hampton, CT.



Bruce Bogtrotter stole a piece of Ms. Trunchbull’s chocolate cake! As punishment, Bruce was forced to eat the ENTIRE cake in one sitting. (Ok, as far as punishments go, eating chocolate cake seems pretty great.) But we got the recipe for the cake, and now you can enjoy one at your leisure – or all at once! We won’t tell.

Podium Players has teamed up with East Hampton’s premier confectioner, Little Man Sweets, to bring the flavor of Matilda’s most iconic scene to your door! Your 8″ Bruce Bogtrotter Chocolate Ganache Cake will be delivered to your door* within 3-5 days of your order. The cake is perfect for service of up to 8 people (or as a single serving if you’re looking for trouble).

If you’d like your cake delivered for Thanksgiving, your order must be received no later than November 8. Orders placed November 9 or later will be delivered after the holiday.

(*Delivery to East Hampton, Colchester, Marlborough, or Portland is included at no additional charge. Other arrangements may be made directly with Little Man Sweets.)